Be Healthy. For Life.

Biles Family Chiropractic

About us February 8, 2009

Drs. Chris & LauraDr. Laura went to Texas A&M (insert joke here) and received her BS in biomedical science. She then pursued her doctorate of chiropractic at Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas. She is now the owner and operator of Biles Family Chiropractic and is in the final testing for her pediatric chiropractic certification. Dr. Chris did his undergraduate work at Texas Tech and then received his BS in anatomy and doctorate of chiropractic at Parker. He is also a Crossfit Certified Level 1 Trainer. Dr. Chris works for AIRROSTI rehab and provides relief for soft tissue injuries at USMD hospital in South Arlington. He also runs our BFC Total Health Bootcamps where he challenges individuals to get and stay in shape through fitness camps and nutritional counseling.

The passions and pursuits we’ve had in our lives have been many and varied- from marathons and adventure races to ballet (not Dr. Chris) and soccer. These endeavors along with our careers in healthcare, have had us on a continual search for ways to stay healthy, pain and injury-free, and at peak performance. On this site, we’ll share what works for us, what we do and give you information to make a decision for yourself. Our desire for you is to…

Be Healthy. For Life.